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The mission of LightsOn is to reinforce (some would say to recreate) the local in the graphics and print business.  Print and graphics used to be a craft and trade, even at the smallest and most local level.  In the 1960’s and 70’s came the franchise printer; the franchise maintained the local craft and trade while collaborating in name recognition and defining a product and quality level consistent from one outlet to another.  Both the craft and local service levels were maintained; in business we knew our printer like we knew our butcher in our personal life.  The trade printer (one with no direct sales force) serviced and supplied the local printer with specialized capabilities that were not available to small printers simply because there was not the economy of scale to produce many products locally.  The local printers provided a collaboration that gave trade printers the economy of scale to specialize; local printers were the local sales force for the trade printer.


In the 80’s and 90’s we saw a shift in specially products, like business forms, to standardized semi-custom, marketed, promoted, sold and delivered mail order to small business.  Companies like NEBS (New England Business Services), the Drawing Board and Deluxe made this an art.  This was not a shift in the market, but the creation of a new market as very short run was not cost / profit effective for even the local franchise printer to service effectively.


Then came the Big Box and Internet marketers and a technology shift to short run digital in the later 90’s and 2000‘s.  Both quality and product definitions became less clear as the market shifted away from the local craftsman to what I and others have called McPrint.  This is analogous to the local diner trying to compete with the marketing machine of the fast food giants.  At the same time Internet marketing of print came about further removing the customer from the consumer convoluted by misleading quality and pricing practices inherent to many Internet marketers.


LightsOn Graphics objective is to recreate that local service and quality by providing a web presence that addresses the following issues:

·         Price competitive with Internet Providers (their real price)

·         Price controls at the local level so the “local servicer” can address specific situations.

·         Under one name (URL) making it Internet efficient yet localized for the local independent mailbox / shipping store, local printer or graphic specialist.

o   Customer and client protection capabilities.


The Big Box stores (OfficeMax, Staples  and Fed-X Office) have this capability and efficiency by having one web site, yet are local everywhere.  So why can’t the Local guy do this themselves?  Very simply - economies of scale.  They will be out of business before they can beat the McPrintask your local diner if you can find one.


Internet only printers (you know who they are) have the advantage of being able to use misleading pricing practices, providing low quality levels through both unclear and/or undefined quality levels and finally, never having to “Face Up” to the customer.  Call one sometime and ask about why their cards are smaller, produced on inferior materials or how and why the $3.50 set of business cards ends up costing $65.?


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