Lenticular Business Cards

21 Point Thick Card Stock
Full Color Lenticular One Side
Full Color Back Side

Up to 3 views

Great for
Before & After Demonstration

Production: 7-9 Day

Free Ground Delivery

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Real Estate Lenticular Card
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$399.99 each

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Add a new dimension to your prints! LightsOn Lenticular Print is a new product that offers you dimensional print to deliver 3x the message in the same print. Great for Before & After images. Imagine!

Great for Before & After: Dental, Plastic Surgery, Dermetologists... Use your imagination.

Design Considerations:

The lenticular side of the card should not include small text (> 16 point) or fine lines.

There can be either 2 or 3 flips (images); best for Before/After images.

Avoid white images as other images will appear to blend.

The opposite side of the card is a regular plastic business card and can be printed in full color.


Provide the pictures and card information and our design team will design and create your Lenticular Cards at no charge.

Lenticular Cards are provided with round corners at no extra charge.

PDF Proofs are always provided free of charge and we never print until you have approved the design.



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