3" x 4" Referral Cards

3" x 4" Referral Cards on
16 Point Heavy Weight Card Stock
Full Color Printing Both Sides
UV Gloss Front, Matte Back
or Matte Finish both sides

No Charge for Text/Name Changes
When We Have Original Art Files.

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$84.99 each

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Even though referral cards can be any size, the 3" x 4" card is our most popular referral card size.

Referral Cards are "Written Word of Mouth". It gives the potential new client a tangible reminder of the exact business that was recommended.  Then, even weeks or months later they will be able to remember your business. Your business goes with them after the initial recommendation.

Referral cards should offer an incentive and reward. Offer an incentive for the new client to come into your business AND an incentive for your existing client to "tell a friend".  For most businesses a $5 - $25 discount offers the most bang for your buck. They are a high enough dollar amount to increase the rate of return and yet not so high as to lose money. We have had clients go as high as a 50% discount.

When having your referral cards designed remember to include your logo and make it a two-sided Full Color card. This will ensure that your card is seen and remembered. LightsOn always designs these cards with as much impact as possible, while making sure they are easy to read and understand. Utilizing LightsOn Graphics to design your Referral Cards will help insure a good, clean eye-catching design.

If you know what your cost per qualified lead is, implementing a referral program is a major deal.


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